Two Barnett Shale Wells Completed in Tarrant County, Texas

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United States

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#2H Carden-Heidi-Little, #3H Carden-Heidi-Little
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Drilling Activity Summary


Two Tarrant County (RRC Dist. 5), Texas, Barnett Shale wells were reported by Fort Worth, Texas-based TEP Barnett USA. The Newark East Field wells were drilled from a drillpad in Lewis G Tinsley Survey, A-1523. The #2H Carden-Heidi-Little was drilled to 17,458 ft, 7,192 ft true vertical. It was tested flowing 5.099 MMcf of gas and 1.35 Mbbl of water per day from perforations at 7,681-17,304 ft. It was tested on a 36/64-in. choke with a flowing tubing pressure of 1,214 psi and a shut-in tubing pressure of 1,716 psi. The #3H Carden-Heidi-Little was drilled to 17,025 ft with a true vertical depth of 7,192 ft and produced 6.171 MMcf of gas and 1.191 Mbbl of water per day from perforations at 7,651-16,936 ft. Gauged on a 46/64-in. choke, the flowing tubing pressure was 1,121 psi, and the shut-in tubing pressure was 1,818 psi. TEP Barnett is an affiliate of French oil major Total SA.