Spraberry Field Wells at Howard County, Texas, Drillpad Produce from Spraberry, Wolfcamp

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United States

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#7LS Traveler 18-30 G, #7WA Traveler 18-30 G
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Drilling Activity Summary


Two Howard County (RRC Dist. 8), Texas, Spraberry Field wells were announced by Birch Operations Inc. The wells were drilled from a pad in Section 18, Block 33, T&P RR CO Survey, A-1090. The #7LS Traveler 18-30 G was drilled to 18,358 ft with a true vertical depth of 7,674 ft. It was tested flowing 533 bbl of 37° API oil, 376,000 cu ft of gas and 2,284 bbl of water daily from a perforated Spraberry zone at 8,052-18,245 ft. The #7WA Traveler 18-30 G was drilled to 18,844 ft, 8,016 ft true vertical. It produced 2,098 bbl of 36.8° API oil, 578,000 cu ft of gas and 260 bbl of water per day from a perforated Wolfcamp interval at 8,548-18,790 ft. Birch Operatons is based in Houston.