Scoop Play-Woodford Completion By Vitruvian II

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United States

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#1-27X26H Anita Fowler
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The Woodlands, Texas-based Vitruvian II Exploration has completed a Scoop play-Woodford producer that flowed 18.6 MMcf of gas, 377 bbl of 56-degree-gravity condensate and 1.654 Mbbl of water per day. The #1-27X26H Anita Fowler is in Section 22-4n-6w of Grady County, Okla. It was tested on a 32/64-in. choke. Production is from acidized and fracture-stimulated perforations at 14,727-20,677 ft. The 20,902 ft-well was drilled to the southeast and bottomed in Section 26-4n-6w.