Results Announced from Upper Miocene Completion in Garden Banks Block 280

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United States

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#0A008S0B OCS G09216 ST00BP00
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Hess Corp. announced results from an Upper Miocene venture in Garden Banks Block 260 at #0A008S0B OCS G09216 ST00BP00. IHS Markit reported that the well was tested flowing 471 bbl of 30.2° API oil, 901,000 cu ft of gas and 410 bbl of water per day. The New York City-based company drilled the well to 20,712 ft and the true vertical depth is 15,998 ft. It was tested on a 34/64-inch choke with a flowing tubing pressure of 765 psi and a shut-in casing pressure of 3,518 psi Production is from a perforated zone between 18,780 ft and 20,360 ft.