Results Announced From Four Offshore-Myanmar Tests

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Myanmar (Burma)

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Well Name
#3-Aung Sinkha, #4-Aung Sinkha,#5-Aung Sinkha, #6-Aung Sinkha
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PTT Exploration & Production reported oil at four offshore-Myanmar exploration wells in Block M3 in the Gulf of Martaban. The four discovery wells, #3-Aung Sinkha, #4-Aung Sinkha,#5-Aung Sinkha and #6-Aung Sinkha, were drilled as appraisals of discovery #2-Aung Sinkha, which was completed in 2011. According to the Bangkok-based company, #3-Aung Sinkha flowed approximately 34.5 million cu. ft. of gas per day with associated condensate output of 195 bbl. per day. The #5-Aung Sinkha flowed of 9 million cu. ft. of gas per day and #6-Aung Sinkha flowed at 14 million cu. ft. of gas and approximately 1,820 bbl. of condensate per day. PTT plans additional appraisal drilling in 2014 and will create a development plan for Aung Sinkha Field with production planned for 2016. PTTEP is the operator of the M3 Block and the Aung Sinkha wells with 100% interest.