Repsol Announces Results from Two Offshore Mexico Prospects, Polok, Chinwol

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#1-Polok, #1-Chinwol
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Repsol announced two significant oil discoveries on the Polok and the Chinwol prospects in offshore Mexico’s Block 29. In the Polok prospect at #1-Polok, the venture found oil pay in an early Miocene reservoir of the Salina Basin, which is part of Sureste Basin. The #1-Chinwol encountered oil in Pliocene pay at the Chinwol prospect. Wireline formation testing performed in both wells has shown good flow capacity in multiple stations in the separate reservoirs. Water depth at both sites is about 600 m. The #1-Polok was drilled to 2,620 m and found more than 200 m of net oil pay in two zones. The #1-Chinwol was drilled to 1,850 m and encountered more than 150 m of net oil pay from three zones in Lower Pliocene. Both reservoirs show excellent petrophysical properties and 108 m of core samples have been collected. Appraisal testing is being planned. The discoveries are off the coast of the state of Tabasco, about 50 km west-northwest of the Zama discovery and are approximately 12 km apart. Madrid-based Repsol is the operator of Block 29 and the discovery wells with 30% interest in partnership with Petroliam Carigali (28.33%), Wintershall (25%), and PTTEP (16.67%).