PTT Announces Gas Field Discovery In South China Sea

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#1RDR2 Lang Lebah
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A large gas field discovery in offshore Sarawak, Indonesia, was announced by PTT Exploration & Production. The #1RDR2 Lang Lebah is in Block SK410B and hit 252 m of gas pay in the South China Sea. The well was drilled to 3,801 m and was targeting a Middle Miocene Cycle IV/V carbonate reservoir. It was tested at a completion-constrained rate flowing 41.3 MMcf of gas and 246 bbl of condensate per day during testing on a 40/64-in. choke. Although additional testing is planned, current estimates indicate the find at 2 Tcf. Bangkok-based PTT is the operator of the block and the discovery with 42.5% interest in partnership with Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Co., holding 42.5%, and Petronas, with 15%.