Petrobras Completes Drillstem Test at Offshore Jupiter Discovery

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#3-BRSA-1246-RJS (Apollonia)
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Drilling Activity Summary


Petrobras has completed a drillstem test at the Jupiter discovery in the pre-salt Santos Basin offshore Brazil. The test assessed the pre-salt carbonate reservoirs at #3-BRSA-1246-RJS (Apollonia). Results confirmed strong productivity and flows of good quality oil. Area water depth is 2,183 m. Testing indicated the fluids have a high gas-oil ratio and carbon dioxide content, which will require other technology such as high-pressure separation and reinjection of the produced carbon dioxide into reservoir rocks. The separation and reinjection technology is also being tested at the Libra prospect in the basin. If successful, it could facilitate exploration and development of other deep or ultra-deepwater fields with high gas-oil and carbon dioxide ratio fluids. The Rio de Janeiro-based company operates the surrounding BM-S-24 concession with an 80% interest along with partner Petrogal.