Pemex Receives Approval for Offshore Tabasco Exploration

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Pemex has received approval to drill in the offshore Tabasco Amoca Yaxche Block, in offshore Tabasco state. The planned well is #1EXP-Tenantli in the Amoca-Yaxche-06 license area in the Cuenca Salina Basin. This is the third exploration well that has been approved for the site including #1EXP-Itta in the same block and nearby #1EXP-Ichilanin the adjacent Amoca-Yaxche-04 Block. The combined prospective resource for the blocks is 185 MMbbl of light crude. The #1EXP-Tenantli has a planned depth of 3,400 m, and water depth is between 20 and 50 m. Pemex is based in Mexico City.