Pemex Announces New Oil Field Discovery in Tabasco

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, Tab.

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According to Mexico City-based Pemex, the company discovered a new oil field, Quesqui, in the state of Tabasco. The reserves are currently estimated at up to 700 MMboe. The first test well in license area AE-0053-3M-Mez-calapa-03 was completed in mid-2019, and it produced approximately 4.5 Mbbl of oil per day. The company has been conducting a range of studies to determine the field’s viability. Current estimates of production are 110 Mbbl of oil per day. Pemex noted that the 34-sq-km field could be developed with up to 11 wells and could produce up to 69 Mbbl of oil and 300 MMcf of gas per day by 2021.