Pantheon Spuds Exploratory Test In Umiat Meridian, Alaska

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United States

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#1 Winx
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Pantheon Resources Plc, based in London, has spudded an exploratory test on Alaska’s North Slope in Section 21-8n-5e of Umiat Meridian. The #1 Winx has a planned true vertical depth of about 6,500 ft and will test stacked conventional objectives within Nanushuk. Secondary objectives include Seabee and Torok. The Winx drillsite is approximately 6 miles east of two Repsol wells. The #1-Horseshoe hit more than 150 ft of net oil pay in several reservoir zones in Nanushuk, and sidetrack #1A-Horseshoe hit more than 100 ft of net oil pay in Nanushuk.