Onshore Cretaceous Sandstone Discovery in Brazil Encounters 49 ft of Net Oil Pay

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#1-VID-1-ES (Vida)
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Petro-Victory Energy has announced an oil discovery at exploration well #1-VID-1-ES (Vida) in Block ES-T-487, Espírito Santo Basin, Brazil. This is the company’s first exploration well in Brazil. It was drilled to 1,890 m in the onshore portion of the basin. Evaluation of logging, pressure, and fluid data confirms that Vida comprises of high-quality, oil-bearing Cretaceous sandstone reservoirs. The well encountered 49 m of net oil pay. Oil was recovered to surface during fluid sampling from a sandstone reservoir at 1,600 m and preliminary testing of oil samples indicates similar qualities (24-degree-gravity) to a nearby oil field. Most of the reported oil pay was found 1,560-1,660 m. The well will be suspended and additional testing, including recoverable oil resource estimates, are planned. Petro-Victory Energy’s headquarters are in Fort Worth.