Offsetting Wolfcamp Completions In Reeves County, Texas

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United States

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Well Name
#1H Eady A 59-60, #2H Eady B 59-60
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Drilling Activity Summary


Centennial Resource Development Inc. has completed two horizontal Wolfcamp wells in Reeves County (RRC Dist. 8), Texas. According to the Denver-based company, the offsetting #1H Eady A 59-60 and #2H Eady B 59-60 are on the company’s Silverback acreage in the Delaware Basin using a “stacked, staggered pattern.” The Phantom Field wells each have an average effective lateral length of 6,800 ft. The #1H Eady A 59-60 initially flowed 2.166 Mboe/d (56% oil) from an interval in upper Wolfcamp A. It is in Section 59, Block 4, H&GN RR Co Survey, A-410, and bottomed about 1.5 miles to the northeast in Section 60. The parallel #2H Eady B 59-60 was completed in lower Wolfcamp A flowing 1.915 Mboe/d (60% oil). Additional details are currently not available.