Neptune Energy Completes Wildcat in Norway Production License PL 586

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#6406/12-3 A (Bue)
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Drilling Activity Summary


Neptune Energy, operator of production license PL 586, has drilled wildcat well #6406/12-G-1 H, which is an extension of an observation well for #6406/12-3 A (Bue) oil discovery. The well is in Fenja Field, and it did not encounter reservoir rocks in either the primary or secondary exploration target. However, the well hit a total oil column of 38 m just above the secondary exploration target in the lower part of Intra-Melke, of which about 20 m were of moderate to very good reservoir quality. The preliminary calculation of #6406/12-3 A (Bue) is now between 0.2 MMcm and 1.6 MMcm of recoverable oil equivalent, while the estimate for the new oil discovery is between 0.5 MMcm and 3.2 MMcm of recoverable oil equivalent. The well’s primary exploration target was to reduce uncertainty in the resource estimate. The secondary objective was to prove petroleum in Middle Jurassic reservoir rocks (sandstone in the lower part of Melke). The well was not formation-tested, but extensive data acquisition was carried out. Neptune is based in London.