Neptune Announces Volume Updates for Dugong Discovery

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#34/4-16 S
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Drilling Activity Summary


London-based Neptune Energy announced an updated volume estimate for its Dugong discovery. Based on the results from appraisal well #34/4-16 S, the recoverable resources is 40-108 MMboe. The primary appraisal target for #34/4-16 S was to delineate the discovery made in Rannoch in wells #34/4-15 S and #34/4-15 A. A drill stem test on the well is planned at a later stage. The discovery is close to the existing production facilities of the Snorre and Statfjord fields. The reservoir lies at a depth of 3,250-3,500 m and area water depth is 330 m. The Dugong license partners are Neptune Energy (operator and 45%), Petrolia (20%),  Idemitsu (20%) and Concedo (15%).