MOL Completes Wildcat Test in Norway Production License PL 820 S

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#25/8-19 S, #25/8-19 A.
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Drilling Activity Summary


An oil and gas discovery was reported by MOL in production license PL 820 S, at a wildcat, #25/8-19 S, and appraisal well #25/8-19 A. The primary exploration target for #25/8-19 S was to prove petroleum the Eocene to the Palaeocene and in reservoir rocks in the Lower Jurassic (Nansen in the upper part of the Statfjord Group). The secondary exploration target was to prove petroleum in Palaeocene (Ty) sandstones (Lower Jurassic to Upper Triassic). Oil-bearing sandstones totaling 6 m with good reservoir quality were encountered in Eiriksson. A 34-m gas column in sandstone with moderate to good reservoir quality lies over an oil column of 45 m in sandstones with good to poor reservoir quality in Skagerrak and totaled 22 m within the gas and oil column. A formation test in Skagerrak at #25/8-19 A flowed 475 Scm of oil and 75.6 Mscm per day on a 32/64-in. choke. Preliminary estimates place the size of the oil and gas discovery in Skagerrak are 2-11 MMscm of recoverable oil equivalent. The #25/8-19 S was drilled to 2,377 m and the #25/8-19 A was drilled to 2.977 m. Water depth at the site is 126 m. MOL, based in Budapest, is the operator of PL820 S with a 40 % working interest and partners are Lundin (40%), Pandion Energy (10%) and Wintershall (10%).