Mancos Producer In Uintah Basin Announced By Continental Resources

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United States

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#20-15H Bonanza-State
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Drilling Activity Summary


On the eastern flank of the Uinta Basin, Whiting Oil & Gas Corp. completed a Mancos B producer. The #20-15H Bonanza-State is in Section 20 of partial township 9s-25e, in Uintah County, Utah. It initially pumped 115 bbl of 44.7-degree-gravity oil, 676 Mcf of gas and 913 bbl of water per day. Production is from a lateral drilled to the southwest to 17,964 ft, 7,344 ft true vertical. The well bottomed in Section 31-9s-25e and was tested after 44-stage fracturing between 7,610 and 16,125 ft. Whiting’s headquarters are in Denver.