Lancaster Field Exploratory Tests Hydrocarbon Discovery

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United Kingdom

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An offshore U.K. exploration well in Block 205/23 has confirmed an oil discovery that is linked to the Lancaster Field, forming a single large hydrocarbon accumulation. Operator Hurricane Exploration Plc reported that its Halifax prospect in the West of Shetlands Blocks, #205/23-3A, was drilled to 2,004 m The well has successfully identified an extensive oil column, significantly below local structural closure. The reservoir interval encountered is pervasively fractured with porosities similar to those at Lancaster. The well was drilled and cased to 2,004 m and it was designed to isolate a potential gas cap and oil bearing column. It has been suspended to allow for potential future operations to either deepen and/or perform further testing of the well. Hurricane Exploration is based in Alton, Hampshire, in the U.K and is the operator of P2308, Block 205/23, and the Halifax prospect with 100% interest.