Interim Production Test Results by Strike Energy from License EP469JV in Western Australia

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#5 West Erregulla
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Drilling Activity Summary


In Western Australia’s EP469JV, Strike Energy completed interim production testing at #5 West Erregulla well. The well flowed 13.1 MMcf of gas per day from two separate perforated zones over a combined 31-m interval in Kingia Sandstone, at 4,840-4,874 m. According to the company the initial flows indicated a production barrier that the reservoir was unable to overcome through prolonged flow testing. The primary flow period was conducted over 77 hours at a rate of 5.1 MMcf of gas through a 64/64-inch choke, with a flowing well head pressure of 260 psi. The flow rates and pressures were stable throughout the extended flow period and in conjunction with pressure build ups show no evidence of depletion from the test. Gas sample analysis indicates the well has a similar gas composition to the other well results from the field. It also produced less than 6 bbl of water per 1 MMcf of gas. Strike Energy is operator and the holder of a 50% joint venture interest in EP469, and Warrego Energy a holder of the other 50% joint venture interest.