Iberville Parish well produces 520 Bo, 293 Mcfpd for Pantheon

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United States

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#1 Jumonville
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Pantheon Resources, London, reports that its #1 Jumonville in Iberville Parish, La., initially flowed 520 bbl. per day of 40.8 API-gravity light oil, with no water, and 293,000 cu. ft. of gas through a restricted 7/64-in. choke. The well has a flowing pressure of 7,323 psi from Camerina sands, which are about 200 ft. above Miogyp reservoir. The upper eight ft. of the 47-ft. Miogyp sand interval was perforated. A second development well, #2 Jumonville, is planned from the existing location. It will test the deeper Cib Haz interval and delineate the Miogyp reservoir about 1,500 ft. west of #1 Jumonville.