Hydrocarbon Discovery Announced by Neptune Energy in North Sea Block PL882

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#34/4-15 S
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Drilling Activity Summary


According to London-based Neptune Energy, the company made a hydrocarbon discovery in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea in PL882 at exploration well #34/4-15 S. The discovery was confirmed with well logs and drill cuttings and a coring program is planned. Depending on the results, a sidetrack may be drilled to further define the extent of the discovery. Area water depth is 330 m and testing indicates that the reservoir is at a depth of 3,250 to 3,400 m. Neptune Energy is the operator of PL882, Block 34/4, and #34/4-15 S with 40% interest in partnership with Concedo (20%), Petrolia (20%), and Idemitsu Petroleum (20%).