Howard County, Texas, Completions Flow from Spraberry/Dean, Wolfcamp

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United States

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#1H Santana 2432D, #1H Santana 2442WA
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Occidental Petroleum Co. announced results from two more completions from its Santana pad in Howard County (RRC Dist.8), Texas. The Spraberry Field pad is in Section 24, Block A, Bauer & Cockrell Survey, A-573. The #1H Santana 2432D was drilled to a total depth of 19,075 ft and a true vertical depth of 7,765 ft. It initially flowed 1,727 bbl of 37° API oil, 1.278 MMcf of gas with 1,329 bbl of water per day from commingled Spraberry/Dean perforations at 7,640-18,777 ft. The #1H Santana 2442WA has a total depth of 19,784 ft and a true vertical depth of 7,984 ft. I was tested flowing 1,222 bbl of 38° API oil, 1.162 MMcf of gas and 1,396 bbl of water per day. Production is from Wolfcamp at 8,669-19,591 ft.