Horizontal Holloway East Field Completion Re-establishes Cretaceous Reservoir Production

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United States

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#1H Peggy Heinen A
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A horizontal Holloway East Field completion by Hunt Oil Co. has re-established production in the abandoned Cretaceous reservoir. Located in Atascosa County (RRC Dist. 1), Texas, #1H Peggy Heinen A flowed 221 bbl of 32.3-degree-gravity oil and 77 Mcf of gas through acid-treated openhole Buda intervals at 7,531-11,582 ft. It was tested on a 6/64-in. choke with a flowing tubing pressure of 300 psi and a flowing casing pressure of 70 psi. The well is in Section 1041, Carlos Peres Survey, A-663, and was drilled to 11,582 ft, 7,029 ft true vertical. Holloway East Field was online from 1976 to 1999 and cumulative Buda production totaled 124.78 Mbbl of oil and 14.4 MMcf of gas. Hunt's headquarters are in Houston.