Horizontal Cane Creek Venture In Paradox Basin

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According to the Rocky Mountain Oil Journal, Fidelity Exploration and Production Co. completed a horizontal Cane Creek-Paradox Basin producer. According to the Denver-based company, #28-3 Cane Creek Unit is in Section 28-25s-19e of Grand County, Utah. The company has slowly brought production up to approximately 600 bbl of oil per day, which held relatively constant for January 2015. The proposed total was 9,848 ft with a planned bottom-hole location in Section 28-25s-19e. True vertical depth was expected to be 6,263 ft. The new producer was drilled from the same pad as Fidelity's #28-2 Cane Creek Unit: this test initially flowed 93 Mcf of gas and 225 bbl of oil per day from horizontal Cane Creek between 9,595-10,392 ft.