Heidrun Field Wildcat Hits 270-m Oil Column

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#6507/5-10 S
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An oil discovery was announced by Houston-based ConocoPhillips in offshore Norway production license PL 891 at wildcat well #6507/5-10 S. The discovery is north of Heidrun Field in the Norwegian North Sea. The well encountered a total oil column of 270 m in Are and Grey Beds formation, with 90 m of sandstone layers with very good reservoir properties. The preliminary calculation of the size of the discovery is about 4.1-11.3 MMbbl of recoverable oil equivalent. The objective of the well was to prove petroleum in reservoir rocks from the Early Jurassic Age (Are) and Triassic Age (Grey Beds). No formation tests were conducted and additional testing, sampling and assessment are planned. This is the first exploration well in production license PL 891. The venture was drilled to 2,179 m and the true vertical depth is 2,214 m. Area water depth is 355 m.