Haynesville Shale Completion in Panola County, Texas, Flows 21.424 MMcf/d.

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United States

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#2H Medlin-Youngblood HV Unit B
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A Panola County (RRC Dist. 6), Texas, Haynesville discovery initially flowed 21.424 MMcf of gas per day. Rockcliff Energy Operating’s #2H Medlin-Youngblood HV Unit B is in Carthage Field in Stephen W Mimms Survey, A-449 1088. It was drilled to 20,558 ft and the true vertical depth is 11,226 ft. It was tested flowing 21.424 MMcf of gas per day. Gauged on a 28/64-inch choke, the flowing casing pressure was 6,799 psi and production is from a fractured and perforated zone at 11,522-20,423 ft.