Hartshead Resources: 112 Bcf of Gas in Place in Viking Wx Gas Field

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United Kingdom

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Hartshead Resources reported that it has identified an additional 112 Bcf of gas in place in the Viking Wx gas field in the North Sea. The geological model by Xodus Group also noted that there are additional resources in the Victoria gas fields. An extension to the gas field has been identified as a fault block in the southeast part of the field. The fault block contains 40 Bcf of additional gas in place (included in the new total field estimate). It will be evaluated as an additional target location for development drilling, which is expected to add recoverable resources to the Phase I development. Adjacent and to the northeast of the field, an undrilled structure has also been identified that will be evaluated as a potential near-field exploration prospect that could also add further gas volumes to the Phase I development. Perth-based Hartshead is 100% owner and operator of License P2607 which is comprised of five blocks in Quads 48 and 49 on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf, in the Southern Gas Basin.