Four Wolfcamp Discoveries Drilled at Reagan County, Texas, Drillpad

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United States

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#1H Mary Rose A, #2H Mary Rose B, #3H Mary Rose C, #4H Mary Rose D
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In Reagan County (RRC Dist. 7C), Texas, Hibernia Resources III has completed four Wolfcamp wells at a single drillpad in Section 5, GC&SF RR Co Survey, A-840. The #1H Mary Rose A was tested flowing 1,405 bbl of 41° API crude and 1.65 MMcf gas per day from acid- and fracture-stimulated perforations at 9,060-19,360 ft. It was tested on a 30/64-inch choke and the flowing tubing pressure was 807 psi. The Spraberry Trend producer was drilled to 19,490 ft. The 641.1-acre Midland Basin lease extends into neighboring Upton County, where the 2-mile north-northwest-trending lateral bottomed in Section 46, Block Y, MK&T RR Co Survey, A-650. The true vertical depth is 8,681 ft. Three parallel Spraberry Trend wells have also been completed from the pad. The #2H Mary Rose B flowed 1,217 bbl of oil and 1.136 MMcf of gas daily from perforations at 9,333-19,656 ft. The #3H Mary Rose C produced 1,585 bbl of oil and 1.627 MMcf of gas daily from perforations at was tested at 9,119-19,373 ft for. The #4H Mary Rose D flowed 1,033 bbl of crude and 1.053 MMcf of gas from a perforated zone at 9,594-19,574 ft.