Extraction Oil & Gas Inc. Completes Two Niobrara Discoveries in Weld County, Colo.

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United States

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#20W-25-18 AD Fed Library, #20W-25-17 AD Fed Library
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Denver-based Extraction Oil & Gas Inc. reported results from two Niobrara-Wattenberg Field producers drilled at a Weld County, Colo., pad. The #20W-25-18 AD Fed Library is in Section 21-5n-65w and has a total depth of 19,816 ft and a true vertical depth of 7,007 ft. It produced 558 bbl of 55° API condensate, 3.388 MMcf of gas and 64 bbl of water daily. It was tested on an 18/64-inch choke with a flowing tubing pressure of 3,180 psi and a flowing casing pressure of 3,327 psi from a perforated zone at 7,598-19,766 ft. In nearby Section 20, #20W-25-17 AD FED Library was drilled to 19,702 ft, and the true vertical depth is 6,935 ft. It flowed at a daily rate of 414 bbl of 55° AI condensate, 2.5 MMcf of gas and 46 bbl of water. During testing on an 18/64-inch choke, the flowing tubing pressure was 3,223 psi, and the flowing casing pressure was 3,346 psi. Production is from perforations at 7,487-19,663 ft.