Exploratory Test Produces 1,048 Bo, 4.36 MMcfpd From Niobrara

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United States

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#31-33-69-A-3H York Ranch Unit
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Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Operating Inc. has completed a horizontal exploratory test that flowed 1,048 bbl. of 48.4-degree-gravity oil, 4.36 million cu. ft. of gas and 1,315 bbl. of load water per day. According to IHS Inc., #31-33-69-A-3H York Ranch Unit is in Section 31-33n-69w of Converse County, Wyo., and is producing from a horizontal lateral in Niobrara extending north-north -westward to a 16,670 ft. at a bottomhole location in Section 30-33n-69w. The Power River Basin well was tested following an 18-stage fracture stimulation between 11,219 ft. and 16,530 ft. Tested on a 30/64-in. choke, the casing pressure was 2,450 psi.