Exploratory Test In Franklin County, Miss., Targeting Tuscaloosa

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United States

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#1 USA 17-5
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Petro-Hunt LLC is drilling a deep exploratory test in Franklin County, Miss. The #1 USA 17-5 is targeting oil in Tuscaloosa. The 12,050-ft wildcat is being directionally drilled in Section 16-5n-3e and it will bottom to the east in Section 17. Several abandoned Wilcox tests have been drilled in the area and had planned depths of 6,600-6,800 ft. Oil production in this part of Franklin County comes from numerous Wilcox Fields several miles west of Dallas-based Petro-Hunt’s drilling program. Some of the fields in the area include Kirby, Providence South, Mills Branch and Mills Branch South. Most of the wells in the area yield crude from perforations at 4,400-6,300 ft.