EOG: Two Barnett Horizontal Producers in Montague County, Texas

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United States

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#1H King Unit, #2H Queen Unit
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Two Barnett horizontal producers were reported by EOG Resources Inc. in Montague County (RRC Dist. 9), Texas. The wells are in Newark East Field in the Fort Worth Basin. According to IHS Inc., EOG's #1H King Unit had an initial daily potential of 342 bbl. of 41.3-degree crude, 2.54 million cu. ft. of gas and 522 bbl. of water from fracture-stimulated perforations at 8,165-12,890 ft. The horizontal was drilled to 13,906 ft., 7,621 ft. true vertical, in the Jason B. Miller Survey, A-460. The #2H Queen Unit tested at 434 bbl. of 42.5-degree oil, 202 million cu. ft. of gas and 496 bbl. of water per day. Fracture-treated perforations are at 7,875-13,630 ft. and total depth was 13,732 ft., 7,639 ft. true vertical. The top of Barnett was recorded at 7,577 ft., 7,485 ft. true vertical.