EOG Receives Permits for Six Stacked-lateral Wells in Wyoming’s Johnson County

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United States

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#2932-01H Sloper, #2932-02H Sloper, 2932-03H Sloper, #2932-04H Sloper, #2932-05H Sloper, #2932-06H Slope
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EOG Resources Inc. received permits for six stacked-lateral horizontal ventures in Johnson County, Wyo. The Powder River Basin tests will be drilled from a pad in Section 29-48n-79w. The #2932-01H Sloper will have a lateral that will bottom almost 2 miles to the south in Section 32-48n-79w with a proposed true vertical depth of 9,565 ft in Sussex. The other five tests from the pad (#2932-02H Sloper; 2932-03H Sloper; #2932-04H Sloper; #2932-05H Sloper and #2932-06H Sloper) will respectively target Shannon (9,766 ft rue vertical); Mowry (12,768 ft true vertical), Niobrara (11,021 ft true vertical), Frontier (11,639 ft true vertical) and Muddy (13,057 ft true vertical). Houston-based EOG holds permits several pads generally east of the Sloper tests, and multiple operators have also scheduled horizontal drilling in the area. Offsetting one of EOG's planned pads is #31-28 Big Cat in Section 28. The 9,344-ft vertical Sussex discovery was completed in 1997 pumping 60 bbl of 40° API oil per day from acid- and fracture-treated perforations at 9,209-34 ft.