Ecopetrol Exploratory Produces from Lisama

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#1-Tisquirama Este
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Bogota-based Ecopetrol S.A. announced a hydrocarbon discovery at #1-Tisquirama Este exploratory well in Columbia. During initial tests the well produced 624 bbl. of 23-degree-gravity oil per day, with a water cut of less than 1%. The directional well was drilled to approximately 9,100 ft. The initial tests were performed in Lisama with a new technology using encapsulated electric submersible pumps. Hydrocarbons were confirmed at an approximate depth of 7,900 ft., with a net pay zone of 45 ft. in three sands and porosities varying between 15% and 22%. Additional testing is planned, including two delineation wells. Ecopetrol is the operator and holds all rights of the Tisquirama production agreement.