Ecopetrol Announces Discovery in Cano Sur Block in Colombia

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Ecopetrol made an oil discovery at exploration well #1- Fauno on the Cano Sur Block in Meta Province, Colombia during an exploratory campaign. The #1-Fauno is in the eastern sector of the block and was drilled to a vertical depth of 3,256 ft. During production testing, 12.3- degree-gravity API crude oil flowed at an average rate of 132 bbl. per day after initial testing produced 695 bbl. per day. Production conditions and yield for the deposit discovered in #1-Fauno will undergo additional evaluation. Technical data indicates that the well was completed with an artificial lifting system using a progressive cavity pump, and that the hydrocarbon accumulation is located in the basal sands of the Carbonera. Ecopetrol is the operator of the Cano Sur Block, #1-Fauno and other wells with 100% interest.