Discoveries Reported At Hades, Iris Prospects In Norwegian North Sea

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OMV reported two discoveries at the Hades and Iris Prospects in the Norwegian Sea Block PL644B. The Hades exploration well #6506/11-10 was targeting Cretaceous (Hades) and Jurassic (Iris). Preliminary cores, wireline logs, fluid sampling and pressure data show that each well has encountered gas/condensate-bearing reservoir within both prospects. The Hades test was drilled to 3,932 m and encountered about 35 m of gross gas/condensate column within Cretaceous Lange, of which 15 m are net reservoir sandstones with moderate-to-good reservoir quality. Preliminary gross volumes of recoverable hydrocarbons at Hades are estimated to be 19-113 MMboe. The Iris test was drilled to 4,223 m and hit a 218-m sandstone interval in Jurassic Garn, with a 93-m column of gas/condensate. Within the gas/condensate column, net reservoir has been estimated at 85 m, consisting of sandstones of moderate-to-excellent reservoir quality. Pressure data indicate that the Hades and Iris prospects are separate hydrocarbon accumulations. Preliminary gross volumes of recoverable hydrocarbons for Iris are estimated to be 19-132 MMboe. OMV, based in Vienna, is the operator of PL644 and PL644B with 30% interest in partnership with Statoil, 40%, Faroe Petroleum, 20%, and Spirit Energy, 10%.