Directional Frio Well Flows 5.07 MMcf Of Gas, 237 bbl Of Oil/d.

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United States

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#1 Hunt Club Gas Unit
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A Frio directional gas well by Samson Energy in Galveston County (RRC Dist. 3), Texas, produced 5.07 MMcf of gas, 237 bbl of 47-degree-gravity oil and 18 bbl of water per day. The #1 Hunt Club Gas Unit produces from perforations at 15,092-15,110 ft. It was tested on a 7/64-in. choke with a flowing casing pressure of 9,960 psi and a shut-in casing pressure of 10,325 psi. The 16,537-ft venture was initially drilled in Section 29, William Scott Survey, A-177 and the true vertical depth was 16,006 ft. It bottomed within one mile to the south-southeast. Samson is based in Tulsa.