Chevron Completes Two Third Bone Spring Producers from Culberson County, Texas, Drillpad

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United States

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#22TB Hay Bowen, #24TB Hay Bowen 29/32
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Houston-based Chevron Corp. completed two Third Bone Spring well in Texas’ Culberson County (RC Dist. 8). The Sandbar Field ventures are in T&P RR Co Survey, A-2652. The #22TB Hay Bowen was drilled to 19,574 ft (9,177 ft true vertical) and produces from perforations at 9,306-19,382 ft. It initially flowed 206 bbl of oil and 1.173 MMcf of gas per day. Gauged on a 64/64-inch choke, the flowing tubing pressure was 269 psi and the flowing casing was 1,164 psi. The #24TB Hay Bowen 29/32 has a total depth of 19,797 ft and a true vertical depth of 9,269 ft. The well flowed 249 bbl of oil and 1.254 MMcf of gas per day from perforations at 9,512-19,589 ft. It was tested on a 64/64-inch choke and the flowing tubing pressure was 458 psi and the flowing casing was 1,017 psi.