Cairn Announces Test Results From Senegal South Fan Prospect

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#1-FAN South
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Testing results were announced by Cairn Energy Plc from offshore Senegal well #1-FAN South in the South Fan prospect. The well hit a Lower Cretaceous hydrocarbon bearing reservoir. Preliminary analysis indicates 31-degree-gravity oil. Additional testing is planned to establish the potential commerciality of the resource in the Sangomar Deep block. It was drilled in 2,175 m of water to 5,343 m and was targeting an Upper Cretaceous stacked multilayer, channelized turbidite fan prospect and a Lower Cretaceous base of slope turbidite fan prospect, similar to #1-FAN. The #1-FAN South is being plugged and abandoned, and the rig is moving to work at the SNE North exploration prospect, which is 15 km north of #1-SNE and the most northerly location to be tested. SNE North prospect is targeting a prospective volume of more than 80 MMbbl of total resource in multiple objectives. Cairn is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.