Appraisal Well In Tortue Field Encounters 30 m Hydrocarbon-bearing Reservoir

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Panoro Energy ASA completed appraisal well #3-DTM in offshore Gabon’s Tortue Field, in the Dussafu License. The well was designed to appraise the western flank of Tortue Field in an attempt to extend hydrocarbon resources within Gamba and Dentale. The venture hit approximately 30 m of hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir within Gamba and immediately underlying Dentale sandstones in the Dentale D2B and Dentale D6 reservoirs. Additional development work is planned on the western flank of the field. The appraisal well was plugged and abandoned and a second horizontal production well, #3H-DTM-3H, will be drilled and is targeting Gamba Sandstone in the central part of the field. Panoro is based in Oslo, Norway.