Appraisal Well Results Announced At Wisting Discovery

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OMV completed an appraisal well in production license 537 at the Wisting discovery (#7324/8-1) in the Barents Sea. The purpose was to collect data to help ascertain recoverable volumes, as well as to perform a water injection test in reservoir rocks in Sto. The #7324/8-3 hit a 55-m oil column in sandstones from the middle Jurassic to late Triassic (Sto and Fruholmen). The Sto showed very good reservoir properties, while the Fruholmen has moderate-to-good reservoir properties. It was drilled to 775 m to Fruholmen from the late Triassic age. Area water depth is 396 m. The well will now be permanently plugged and abandoned. The well was drilled about 2 km south of the discovery well. Vienna-based OMV is the operator of PL537, Block 7324/8, and the Wisting appraisal well with 25% interest in partnership with Statoil (35%), Idemitsu Petroleum Norge (20%) and Petoro (20%).