Algerian Exploratory Flows Oil, Gas From Triassic Argilo Greseux Inferieur

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#1bis-Rhourde Ez Zita (REZ-1bis)
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Results from an onshore Algeria exploration well in the Hassi Bir Rekaiz Project were announced by PTT Exploration and Production. The #1bis-Rhourde Ez Zita (REZ-1bis) was drilled to 4,037 m. During a drillstem test, the venture flowed crude oil from Triassic Argilo Greseux Inferieur at an average rate of 6.152 Mbbl per day with associated gas flow of 6.5 MMcf per day from Ordovician (Ouargla) Sandstone. According to the company, the well confirms the huge potential for its #1-Bou Goufa (BOG-1) discovery. Crude oil and associated gas were found in 10 out of 11 exploration wells. The eastern Algeria field encompasses 5,378 sq km. Bangkok-based PTTEP is the operator during the exploration period with a 24.5% interest in partnership with Sonatrach with 51% interest, and China National Offshore Oil Corp. with the remaining 24.5%.