Additional Discovery Reported at Suriname Block 58

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Another discovery was reported in offshore Suriname’s Block 58 by Houston-based operator Apache Corp. The #1-Kwaskwasi was drilled to 6,645 m and hit 278 m of net oil and volatile oil/gas condensate pay in multiple stacked targets in Upper Cretaceous Campanian and Santonian intervals. The shallower Campanian interval contained 63 m of net oil pay and 86 m of net volatile oil/gas condensate pay. Samples indicate API gravities between 34° and 43° API. The deeper Santonian interval contains 129 m of net hydrocarbon reservoir. After completion operations are done at #1-Kwaskwasi, the rig will be moved to drill #1-Keskesi East. Apache has identified at least seven distinct play types and more than 50 prospects within the thermally mature play fairway. Apache holds 50% interest along with partner Total.