20,000 sq km Airborne Geophysical Survey Completed in Australia’s Northern Territory

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Armour Energy has completed the acquisition of a 20,000 sq km airborne geophysical survey over six permit areas (EPs 171; 174; 176; 190; 191 and 192) in Australia’s Northern Territory. According to the company, the survey is the largest private enterprise airborne survey of its type to be undertaken in the Northern Territory. The survey was conducted for McArthur Oil & Gas. McArthur Oil & Gas will use the survey results as the basis for exploration planning over a large portion of acreage to be acquired from Brisbane-based Armour. The data is being acquired to de-risk, rank and high-grade existing prospects and leads. The survey was aimed at detecting anomalies in areas of upward fluid flow of migrating hydrocarbons above fluid pathways and/or hydrocarbon accumulations. This will provide information over existing prospects and lead to plan future follow up exploration work. These permits cover the highly prospective Batten Fault Zone and several oil and gas play fairways, including the proven Coxco Dolomite Play (Glyde gas discovery), which encompass 193 conventional prospects and leads within McArthur and Tawallah Group reservoirs identified by previous exploration work. Multiple prospective geological horizons are present and lie adjacent to and directly over deeper basin areas that are mature for hydrocarbon generation. Previous successful drilling by the Armour confirms that the Coxco Dolomite Play Fairway has a working petroleum system comprising rich and mature source rocks, viable reservoirs with effective seals and structural traps.