Jorel Lopes Rodrigues dos Anjos

Performance and Efficiency Sectorial Manager, Petrobras

Jorel Lopes Rodrigues dos Anjos has worked as a petroleum engineer with Petrobras for the last 12 years, having almost nine years of contribution with R&D, leading projects related to well design (casing and cement) and automation.

He led the development of three important systems during this period that essentially design all Petrobras wells in terms of hydrostatical loads and geomechanical salt loading (a thermal model is still under development). 

Additionally, he led the development of a real-time well integrity surveillance system that receives data from production units and performs well integrity calculations to monitor the well loads envelope.

In recent years, he moved to a corporate position and led a digital transformation team to develop 13 applications. He introduced the concept of agile system development in wells. 

He also assumed the corporate position of well coordinator for drilling. During this period, he was involved in key projects, such as drilling automation and the implementation of the first True One Trip 3 Phase Well for Post-Salt with almost 50% of duration reduction against historical data.

Currently, as wells performance sectorial manager, he is in implementing the usage of artificial intelligence to categorize operational data and automate well design and benchmarking