Jonathan Martin

President, COO, Black Mamba Rod Lift

After studying mechanical and petroleum engineering at Oklahoma State University, Jonathan Martin went on to work for a variety of energy product and service providers since 2010. He started with R&M Energy Systems (now NOV) in plastics for sucker rod guides, and then he moved into valves and valve seats with Cameron International. He then stepped out into the entrepreneurial space by contributing his skillset and know-how to RFG Petro Systems, introducing, developing and commercializing thermoset plastics for rod guides. 

Moving onward, his knowledge of sucker rods, rod guides and material science led him to dream up a new concept of complete sucker rod control, an industry first, co-founding Black Mamba Rod Lift with Jeff McDougall in 2019. Martin leads engineering, operations and sales as active president and COO for Black Mamba Rod Lift in Oklahoma City. 

“It is imperative to invest time and resources into innovation for the betterment of our industry, mankind and the world,” Martin said. “Not every idea is a good idea, but no idea is a bad idea. People, relationships, integrity and ethics are what create a sustainable future in business."