Jim Shaw

President & COO, Land Information Services

Jim Shaw began his career with Chesapeake Energy in 2003 as an intern. Advancing into a supervisory role, Shaw became an adviser for several processes within land, lease records, division orders and treasury. Shaw also managed the support for all major monetization transactions and mortgages for A&D, land, treasury, finance and reservoir engineering. In addition to transaction support, he helped design and implement multiple workflow applications that benefited interdepartmental communication and data integrity. 

Shaw is now president and COO of Land Information Services after joining in 2012 and is responsible for executing the company’s strategy and vision, overall day-to-day operations, oversight of LandVantage development and client implementations, internal technology, project management strategies and more. He also evaluates and pursues strategic partnerships and is involved with client support and success. 

Shaw has contributed to multiple articles published in various publications, interviewed on multiple podcasts and also participates in industry and other promotional events.