Jessica Iriarte

Data Science Manager, Well Data Labs

Jessica Iriarte is a patent-pending published author with 10-plus years of experience working in data science, research and field operations.  She has demonstrated outstanding effort in the oil and gas industry in promoting and adopting data science and engineering analytics practices. She launched the research and data science department as the sixth employee to join Well Data Labs while continuing to drive innovation in the industry through involvement in technical committees. 

Iriarte has become a thought leader in the industry regarding data science applications creating trust and respect, driving business partnerships and new ventures. The work published in 12 papers and five patents comes together as best practices and lessons learned for a Distinguished Lecturer talk titled, “Data Science Applications to Time-Series Data - A Hydraulic Fracture Case Study.” 

Iriarte serves as the SPE Denver chairperson and as a member of the SPE Data Science and Analytics Advisory Board and the Colorado School of Mines Industry Advisory Board