Brett Chell

President, Co-founder and CEO, Cold Bore Technology

Brett Chell is the president, CEO and co-founder of Cold Bore Technology. Chell is a prolific oil and gas entrepreneur and leader with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Chell started his career working on drilling rigs; his in-the-field background has informed his practical approach as he’s built disruptive technologies, processes, hardware and software to reduce workload, infrastructure and cost for the completions industry.

As the CEO of Cold Bore Technology, Chell is revolutionizing the oil and gas industry. The company’s primary offering, SmartPAD, is the world’s first completions master control system. It is built to fully connect all services on-pad with bidirectional communication capability to execute fully autonomous completions operations. SmartPAD connects to digital frac trees to track the workflow of the entire pad with absolute accuracy. The central control system with a universal timestamp connects all the separate control systems on site, replacing human interaction between service companies with computer-based logic and communication. This advancement is a true revolution for the entire industry, one that is already drastically changing the entire economics of operations for dozens of the largest oil companies in the world. SmartPAD is quickly transitioning the industry to a fully automated operation where service companies show up, connect and go.

Before leading Cold Bore Technology, Chell spent a decade building other startups that have modernized the oil and gas industry through automation and connectivity. He is also the founder of Energy Block Services, a company that provides custom performance-based smart contracts to oil and gas companies, and a founding partner at Raptor Rig, the world’s first fully automated drilling and coil rigs. Additionally, Chell spearheaded the creation of an oil and gas technology-focused partner company, Axial Energy Technologies, in 2010.

Under Chell’s leadership, Cold Bore Technology was awarded first place in the Venture Stream Competition hosted by the Haskayne School of Business Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the University of Calgary in February 2017. In October 2018, the Rice Investment Group invested in Cold Bore Technology, bringing Chell’s combined private equity, non-institutional and institutional capital lifetime fundraising total to more than $50 million.