Abdulaziz S. Al-Qasim

Champion of CCUS/EOR, Saudi Aramco

Dr. Al-Qasim is a dynamic and emerging leader in upstream sustainability and carbon capture utilization and sequestration (CCUS). He is a pioneer in upstream innovation and invention with 50-plus patents, including granted and disclosed. He has been instrumental and an integral part in the development and implementation of Saudi Aramco’s first CCUS and EOR pilot in the kingdom, a win-win sustainable combination. The project is the first transformative digital CCS project in the world and has been a great success both in terms of sequestration of CO2 and oil recovery.

He led the deployment of various novel monitoring and surveillance technologies under the CCUS/EOR project.

Dr. Al-Qasim is a great steward for carbon management and has shared his learnings locally, regionally and globally, promoting circular carbon economy to address climate challenges. He has been named a trailblazer and the recipient of several prestigious national and international awards.